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Waterproof USB Mobile Solar Charger 10000mah With Compass

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This amazing Solar Panel Charger power bank external battery backup will come in handy to charge those products which can be charged with a USB such as MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, Digital Camera, etc. As for other special items such as your mobile phones or other devices, you can also connect the portable power bank by using your original USB data cable.

  •  This product is an emergency solar  charger, 2 USB ports can Power two devices simultaneously.
  • Convenience: Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone.
  • Environmental safe, save natural resources. You can use solar energy to charge your mobile phone wherever and whenever.
  • Excellent quality, and a high capacity.
  • Compact size and lightweight design, convenient to carry.
  • Equipped with dual USB ports.
  • Capacity: 10000mAh.
  • Solar panel: 2W.
  • Input: DC 5V 2.0A.
  • Output1: DC 5.0V 1.0A (Max).
  • Output2: DC 5.0V 2.1A (Max).
  • Battery indicator: 4-LED indication.
  • Compatible with: all cell phones.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 7.9 x 2cm (L x W x T)(6.2 inches X 3.2 X .78 Inches).
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, and Green.


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1. In order to fully activate the battery, charge by an outlet or computer for 10 hours for at least the first 2-3 uses.

2. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow and the solar charging speed is subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. From day to day use, we highly recommend to charge charge your devices via wall outlet. Save the solar charger for those emergency uses.

3. Fully charging the solar unit by outlet takes approximately 10 hours. Do not over charge the unit by leaving it to charge all day or night.

4. For safety, DO NOT leave the power bank charging in a car in case of high temperatures and avoid crushing the unit.

5. Do not charge a device while the solar unit is charging itself.

Package Include:

1 x Dual USB Solar Power Charger

1 x USB Charger Cable

1 x hook

1 x instruction


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